We will guide you through health and safety procedures quickly and effectively. Well-observed regulations mean better organization of work and minimized risk of accidents.


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Safety Days is the answer we provide to the need for better safety standards – through live instruction, lectures or individual selection of equipment.

About Services

Security is a key aspect of the operation of any enterprise, regardless of the industry in which the company specializes. In order for the internal procedures and measures in place at the workplace to comply with many legal standards, and for employees to perform their duties in safe and comfortable conditions, health and safety supervision is increasingly often outsourced to external entrepreneurs under a permanent contract. Thanks to this, experienced experts cover comprehensive health and safety supervision over all its activities in the company. In this way, the company saves time and money, and the internal team is fully focused on carrying out its own tasks.

Facade cleaning windows

In addition to windows, our team also cleans all non-standard facades and facades of buildings.


We will check whether the working conditions in your company comply with the current health and safety regulations. We carry out health and safety audits, workplaces at height, pharmaceutical and fire protection audits.

Felling trees

After carefully securing the space of the workplace, we move on to felling selected trees – here we are able to reach even hard-to-reach places.

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After the health and safety inspector’s visit to the plant, we will describe the necessary health and safety instructions step by step, taking into account the specificity of the job.


We will quickly and effectively install the solutions selected or proposed by us.
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Security procedures

We will present and write the necessary steps to take in life-threatening situations and more.